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Did the Church Fathers ever reference the six jars of wine at the Wedding in Cana as symbolising the six followers of Jesus at the wedding?

Yes. Venerable Bede has several paragraphs that address the miracle of Cana, particularly in regard to the ritualistic function of stone water pots, water, wine, the 6 ages leading up to the ...
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Why didn't Polycarp mention John in his Epistle?

I am disturbed at this, and I asked my pastor Greg of Neuse Baptist Church in Kinston, NC, and here's what he told me. Polycarp knew about the book of John, but he did not like John because he felt ...
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Help locating this reference to St. Augustine?

In Epistolam Ioannis ad Parthos tractatus decem (= Homilies on the First Epistle of John) contains only 10 (decem) treatises, so the reference is probably to the treatise with Roman numeral "ii&...
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