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Its not Christmas eve, its the 12th Night or eve of Epiphany were all beasts were gifted with speech until the dawn of Epiphany. I don't know where it came from, but this is a common belief in most of europe. We celebrated this when I was a child.


Did Oliver Cromwell ban Christmas or is this an unfounded rumour? The short answer is very possibly. He seemed to have a finger in the mix. After all he was the Lord Protector of the Commonwealth of England, Scotland and Ireland from 1653-58! Without that office would Christmas have remained a free expression of faith, especially for Catholics? He naturally ...


According to the Oliver Cromwell Society, he personally didn't ban Christmas: There is no sign that Cromwell personally played a particularly large or prominent role in formulating or advancing the various pieces of legislation and other documents which restricted the celebration of Christmas, though from what we know of his faith and beliefs it is likely ...


The association of Christmas with Christianity is a recent development among non-Catholic churches. For instance, one reason the Puritans fled from England to the New World was to free themselves from the paganism that had infected Christianity: Christmas celebrations in New England were illegal during parts of the 17th century, and were culturally taboo ...

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