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But did he? Did he come through a locked door? That would be to say that before he appeared in the room he was outside the room and still in this world and its dimensions. More likely, he was outside of our world altogether, and in a dimension that we cannot enter. Not because he had a resurrection body, but because he is God could he pass into our ...


An Evangelist is someone who seeks to convert others the Christian faith, especially but not limited to, public preaching. Gospel Writers are considered to be an evangelist but the writing of Gospels did no happen until sometime later in Church history. It is the oral preaching of the word that was the focus of the early Church, as there was no New ...


Why is St. Philip the Evangelist called "the evangelist"? In what way St. Paul uses the word "evangelist" may not be in the sense of writing a Gospel. "What is an evangelist?" An evangelist is someone who proclaims good news; in other words, a preacher of the gospel or a missionary. A person with the gift of evangelism is often someone who travels ...

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