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Rev. 13:18---"Number of a Man" or "Number of Man"?

Literally "for of mankind it is" is the most accurate translation. The noun ανθρωπος (anthropos) denotes man as in mankind and is used in the Bible distinctively from both the realm of the ...
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Could "COVID-19" be the name of the beast? (Rev 13:18)

The use of letters that form a word or phrase to represent numbers depends upon the language and alphabet used. Saint John would have written Revelation in Greek (or possibly Hebrew), not Latin. Thus ...
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When was the number of the beast, 666, first identified as referring to Emperor Nero?

This solution was reached independently by the German scholars Fritzsch, Benary, Hitzig, and Reuss in the early part of the 19th century (Isbon T. Beckwith, The Apocalypse of John, pages 404-405): ...
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