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The New Testament books describing the life of Jesus: Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John

Jesus' life among the Gospels (Luke) is fairly conclusively identified with Luke the physician. Clement of Alexandria positively identifies Luke as the author of Acts: It remains that we … Boanerges, which indicates the Gospel of Mark. He calls the gospels the "memoirs of the apostles" and Mark seems to be Peter's memoir: And when it is said that He changed the name of one of the apostles …
answered Apr 1 '13 by Jon Ericson
, is unique to Matthew and Luke respectively. Doesn't it harm our faith to accept that the gospels copied each other? I can imagine some thinking. No! Remarkably, the Passion narrative of each … gospel is independent. Fully one third of Mark (and a similar proportion of the other three gospels) is absolutely unique to it. That means that for the most critical week of our Savior's life, we …
answered Jan 10 '12 by Jon Ericson
accursed.—Galatians 1:6-8 (ESV) We know from the Talmud that Jesus' parentage was a common line of criticism of Christian gospels. So one might very well assume that since Paul didn't defend Mary's … virginity, he didn't believe it or didn't think it an important part of the gospel. However, Paul's letters predated any of the works we call "the Gospels". In Galatians, it might be better to …
answered Apr 26 '17 by Jon Ericson