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Relating to actions or deeds and their relationship with, and place in, Christian life and soteriology

I am asking specifically for the biblical basis of the belief that good works are the fruits of faith. Hebrews 11 addresses this directly. Verse 6 is instructive, for it tells us that … without faith it is impossible to please God. The rest of the chapter goes on to tell us how the ancients expressed their faith. Their works were the fruits -- the outflow, the results -- of their faith …
answered Aug 4 '16 by Steve
to think this applies to believers. 1 Cor. 3:9-17 states that believers' works will go through fire at the judgment; unworthy works will be burned up; rewards will be withheld, but the saved will … remain. At this time, we enter the kingdom of God by faith in Jesus. In the next age, when the kingdom has fully come, we will be judged according to our works (Matt. 16:27), and then they will make all …
answered Jun 8 '14 by Steve
what I've done, Lord? I'm such a good person!") For instance, the Israelites resisted receiving God's graciously given righteousness because they were going about establishing their own by meritorious works (Romans 9:30-32). So acting apart from faith resists God's grace. …
answered Jan 21 '16 by Steve
also 2 Peter 1:5-11, in which if we are changing and producing fruit, then we will have a grand entrance into the coming kingdom of God; but if we are not growing in our faith, as seen by the works
answered Jan 17 '14 by Steve