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Did God's moral principles change with the change of OT times to NT times ?

Doubtful (James 1:17), but our perception of him did, though, through the coming of Christ, God's final revelation to (and in) man (John 14:9; Colossians 1:15; Galatians 1:8). What once was tolerated (Matthew 19:8) will not be endured any further (Acts 17:30). In the latter verse, the apostle speaks of idolatry (as can be easily deduced from context); even though the pious Israelites did not physically worship any such images, their incorrect perception of God, reverberating throughout many passages of the Old Covenant, and influenced by remnants of their own ancestors' pre-Abrahamic paganism (Joshua 24:2), constituted precisely its spiritual equivalent, prohibiting them from either knowing or worshipping the true God (John 4:23-24, 16:3—note that the preceding verse, 16:2, explicitly mentions religious executions). When asked such questions, concerning the various divergences between the two Covenants, Basil of Caesarea, echoing Paul's reasoning from his first letter to the Corinthians (13:10-11), used to reply that, while sucking at breasts may be permitted unto babes, the same courtesy is not, however, extended to grown-ups, and understandably so.