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What was the Denominational make-up of the Jesus Revolution revival? And is it the same today?

Which Christian denomination did it spring from, if any? Or was it a spontaneous rising from the youth culture, meeting a need of sorts? Perhaps in answering this, it would help to know which ...
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Did the Jesus Revolution produce lasting Christian "Fruit", or was it an emotional, fadish "flash in the pan?

Amidst the 70s War protests, Feminist "bra burning, Sexual revolution, Hippie rebellion, New Age infusion, and Drug abuse, there arose the Jesus Revolution movement! Instead of going along with ...
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2 answers

Has it always been difficult for churches to reach the next generation?

Has the church always had a tough battle when it comes to reaching the younger generation? Is the current lack of interest from the younger generation unique to today, or has that always been a ...
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Why aren't there any examples of a child or teen conversion in the NT? [closed]

For instance, in the book of Acts, we can read about men and women converting to Christianity but never about children or teenagers: Acts 5:14 14 And all the more believers in the Lord, multitudes of ...
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What is appropriate age group for an altar call?

I was in an evangelical setting with some young kids and one of the helpers/ leaders basically did a sort of altar call with the kids. It actually surprised the other helpers/ leaders. What is the ...
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What is the LDS Church's affiliation with the Boy Scouts?

The LDS church sponsors scouting programs for their boys, and I understand that many LDS young men attain the rank of Eagle, the highest rank in Boy Scouts. Regardless of the possible implications of ...
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What is World Youth Day?

A recent question mentions World Youth Day. Wikipedia says that it's an event for young people organized by the Catholic Church. That isn't very helpful, since there are a lot of different types of ...
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