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What does D.A. Carson mean about the wrath and the love of God shown in the OT "in experience and types" and made clearer in the NT?

From the gospel translations Wiki page on God's Love and God's Wrath written originally for the journal Bibliotheca Sacra by D.A. Carson: The reality is that the Old Testament displays the grace and ...
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Did God change from a wrathful God to a loving God between Old Testament and New Testament?

This question is mainly to the evangelical Christians and Bible believing Christians, who believe that God doesn't change and His nature is Love. The Old Testament is filled with accounts that ...
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In Reformed theology, what exactly does the doctrine of "limited atonement" actually assert?

I have found it difficult to understand precisely what Reformed circles mean in the "doctrine of Limited/Definite Atonement / Particular Redemption". Descriptions or statements of the ...
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To the Calvinist, what does it mean that in the beginning God already has His object of wrath?

I have a Calvinist friend who told me that before the creation, God already knows the objects of His wrath. (I'm not a Christian). I question him "the objects of His wrath" is in a point of view in ...
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How did Swedenborg interpret 1 John 2:2: "He is the propitiation for our sins"?

Many Christians believe that Jesus died to appease the anger of God. One reason for this is 1 John 2:2, which says: And he is the propitiation for our sins: and not for ours only, but also for the ...
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What is the basis for believing that the wrath of God is not an accommodation?

It is widely accepted that the Bible contains many accommodated descriptions of God; the finite human mind cannot comprehend the infinite God, so he has revealed himself to us in ways which we can ...
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What does it mean that God's wrath is infinite and what is its relation to existence of life on other planets?

I heard on the first episode of Cosmos that astronomer Giordano Bruno was punished because he believed there are other planets with life on them. The Roman inquisition sentenced him to execution ...
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Does extreme use of capital punishment in ANE & Mosaic laws attest to a universal recognition of God's wrath, or God's tolerance of universal cruelty? [closed]

If you read any of the ancient near east (ANE) codes such as Hammurabi's Code of Laws there is a strikingly similiar severity in the widespread use of capital punishment. This gives a similiar feel to ...
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Is God's wrath an anthropomorphism? [closed]

In Eastern theology, the idea of a dispassionate God is common. It is often said that wrath is an energy of God but is not part of his essence. I have even heard Western theologians say that wrath is ...
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If God cannot change, then why does His wrath need to be appeased?

More or less I am asking for a defense of the propitiatory view of atonement in which God changes from being angry to being happy with us rather than sinners being the ones who need to change. Perhaps ...
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Do Calvinists rejoice in the destruction of sinners?

I recently re-read "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God" and I was struck by the pleasure Jonathan Edwards seemed to have taken in describing the imminent destruction of sinners: The God that ...
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