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The act of glorifying God

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Basis for believing services are for the regenerate?

This is actually needed for an upcoming communication. I’ve heard several Reformed Theology preachers criticizing the focus some modern Protestant churches have on using services largely or even ...
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What are the messages communicated by Pope Francis' advice of 7th January to parents?

In a news item of National Catholic Register titled 'Pope Francis baptizes babies in the Sistine Chapel on January 7, 2024. Vatican Media ' the following is found : The Pope told parents to let their ...
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Does the renowned Christian song "Take Me In" by Dave Browning convey a yearning for a mystical encounter with God?

The song "Take Me In", composed by Dave Browning (source), has been recorded by many artists. For instance, this is a cover of the song performed by Catherine Mullins. These are the lyrics: ...
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