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What Christian traditions reject Word of Faith teachings as heretical but still affirm the power of faith and its role in activating God's promises?

Word of Faith: Word of Faith is a movement within charismatic Christianity which teaches that those who believe in Jesus' death and resurrection have the right to physical health, that our words have ...
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How do Word-of-Faith and Pentecostal churches interpret Romans 12 when Paul says to think "according to the measure of faith that God has assigned"

The little personal interaction I've had with Word-of-Faith and Pentecostal churches is that they believe that with enough faith God can and will do anything through you. Is my summary correct? If so, ...
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2 answers

What is the Word of Faith teaching on "little gods"

Rather than assuming Wikipedia is accurate, I thought I'd as for a better sourced answer to the question. Wikipedia's article on the Word of Faith movement lists various controversies regarding Word ...
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Does spiritual death mean loss of faith or doing a deadly sin (or sins) or separation from God?

According to Word-of-Faith movement, Jesus suffered both physical and spiritual death. They mean by spiritual death that he suffered in hell after dying, before resurrection. And suffering in hell ...
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Did the disagreement between the Catholic Church and Protestant Church on the issue of salvation by grace alone end in 1999?

This is question is for an effort to understand the current movement of bringing unity among Christian denominations. A question was asked before: Is Pope Francis holding and professing different ...
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What is the difference between Eastern Orthodox doctrine of deification and the "little g" god doctrine of the Word of Faith movement?

I noticed that the Word of Faith movement is under a lot of fire for the "little g" god doctrine, but it appears to me that it is almost, if not exactly, the same as the deification/divinization ...
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Are the word of faith/prosperity doctrines biblical? [closed]

From my understanding and study, here are some of their main teachings: God wants us to be prosperous in this life (health, wealth, relationships etc) If we don't receive we don't have enough faith (...
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What did Jesus mean by "mustard seed of faith"? [closed]

What did Jesus mean when he talked about a mustard seed of faith?
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What O.T passages do premillenialists believe to be about the Millennial Kingdom?

What passages do premilleialists, that is, those who believe the "1000 year reign of Christ to be a literal event to occur only after the second coming of Christ, find in the Old testament that they ...
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1 answer

Which denominations follow prosperity theology?

In the comments of an answer to another question, the topic of prosperity theology was raised, and someone stated that a large portion of Christianity is in some way supportive of prosperity theology. ...
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3 answers

Is Orthodoxy more important than Orthopraxy? [closed]

Orthopraxy is the application of orthodox beliefs in the form of rituals and customs. Approved practices are all orthopraxic. I’ve been told (and I can’t unsee it now) that most Protestant groups ...