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Does the Catholic Church teach that the bread and wine are transubstantiated in Protestant churches?

According to the Catholic Church, do the bread and wine literally become the body and blood of Christ when a Protestant church observes the Lord's Supper? What if the church uses grape juice that does ...
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Was Jesus an alcoholic?

We all know that Jesus could make water into wine but was he an alcoholic?
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Are there references to Nazareth, in Christian literature, being a site for grapes to be destined for wine libations in temple sacrifices?

Whether, or not, grapes destined for temple sacrificial offerings were grown in Nazareth is similar to the question of whether sacrificial sheep were raised in the area of Bethlehem. It has a bearing ...
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Would sherry do for an Anglican (Church of England)?

Anglicans customarily take a specially produced red wine as part of the service of Holy Communion. For small churches and congregations a fortified wine such as sherry will keep its condition once ...
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According to Catholicism, did Jesus really use wine at the Last Supper?

We see a part of the institution Holy Eucharist at Mtt 26: 27-28 (NRSVCE): Then he took a cup, and after giving thanks he gave it to them, saying, “Drink from it, all of you; for this is my blood of ...
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Historically, what would happen if a church could not afford or provide wine for the sake of the Eucharist?

I assume that at some point in the 2000 year history, there were churches that found it hard to obtain wine at some point. What did the church teach could or should be done in these situations?
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According to Catholicism, does Welch’s Grape Juice constitute valid matter for the consecration of the Mass?

According to Catholicism, does the usage of Welch’s Grape Juice constitute valid matter for the consecration of the Eucharist at a Catholic Mass? Some priests who are alcoholics may obtain a ...
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Since when has white wine been used in the Catholic mass?

In any Catholic mass I attended (in Germany) white wine was used for the holy Eucharist. There are some plausible practical reasons for that. But, as far as I know, red wine was the normal wine in ...
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Where in the Catholic Church is red wine used for mass?

In any Catholic Mass I attended (in Germany) white wine was used for the holy Eucharist. There are some plausible practical reasons for that. Are there regions of the world where mostly red wine is ...
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Seeking source of a Calvin quote regarding wine in communion

In my denomination (Free Methodist) and a number of other protestant denominations, grape juice is used for communion rather than wine. There is (of course) a longstanding back-and-forth between ...
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What was the Original Purpose of Fasting from "Wine" and "Olive Oil" in the Orthodox Tradition?

The Orthodox are required to fast from "wine" and "olive oil" most Wednesdays and Fridays, for Lent, the Dormition of the Theotokos, the Nativity, and other fasts. Nearly all ...
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What does the bible say about drinking? [duplicate]

Some say that the bible allows drinking alcohol, saying that Jesus himself made alcoholic wine at the wedding in Cana. In the Old Testament the demarcation between new wine (tee-roshe [Deuteronomy 7:...
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When did the concept of "wine is grape juice" originate?

A discussion in chat today has lead me to this question. Most of us should be familiar with the debate about whether Jesus drank alcoholic wine, or some other form of wine, or simple grape juice. My ...
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What happens if someone spills the wine during the Eucharist?

What would happen if someone (a priest, parishioner, deacon or anyone) spills the wine during a Eucharist service at a Catholic church?
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Was the wine in The Last Supper fermented? [duplicate]

I was reading "When the Bible talks about wine does it mean alcoholic wine?" and I thought, The Last Supper was during the Passover, when the Jews ware forbidden to use leaven: Exodus 12:15 ...
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What is the significance of Noah, after the flood, getting drunk and cursing his son who saw him Naked? [closed]

A strange passage in the beginning of Genesis contains the account of Noah who, after surviving the flood, planted a vineyard and made wine. After he drank the wine and became drunk one of his sons (...
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When the Bible talks about wine does it mean alcoholic wine?

In discussions I have had in the past over the acceptability of a Christian drinking alcohol I have heard that some 'dry' believers say that the wine in the Bible was not wine as we know it commonly ...
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