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Wedding between orthodox and atheist possible?

I was wondering in what conditions a believer could make a religious marriage with an atheist/agnostic in the Orthodox church. In some places I read that this is fully impossible, but some people told ...
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Has the Church of England published details of the objectives and methodology of the trial blessings of the weddings of same-sex couples?

It is in the news that the Church of England is conducting standalone services to bless the weddings of same-sex couples. These are described as trials/experimental. I know nothing about how such ...
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Can a minister preach at a civil wedding if he does not officiate?

My fiancee and I are not believers or members of any Christian church. Consequently, we are planning a civil wedding ceremony. That said, our parents and most of our guests are either Catholic or ...
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Can a non virgin have a church wedding?

A friend of mine who is a Christian made a mistake and lost her virginity before marriage. According to the rules of the Assemblies of God denomination, can she still have a church wedding?
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Can Catholics receive a canonically valid marriage after civil elopement?

Would it be legitimate in the eyes of the Church if two Catholics eloped civilly prior to receiving a Catholic wedding - then later enter in to a canonically valid marriage after the 8 month waiting/...
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Are registers signed during a Convalidation ceremony

My husband is Roman Catholic and I m Pentecostal. We married under a lot of pressure with no family members present. After much strife our families have agreed We have been trying to book a notice of ...
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What is the Catholic view on wine consumption at the Wedding of Cana?

The Catholic theologian & bishop Fulton Sheen wrote about (emphasis added) the Marriage Feast at Cana: Sometimes these Eastern marriages lasted for seven days, but in the case of the poorer ...
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Which Church Fathers say the New Adam married the New Eve at the wedding of Cana?

Bishop Josephus Meile (†1957) claims in Die jungfräulichen Seelen in der Welt (The Virgin Souls in the World) p. 28 that At the time of the wedding at Cana, as the Fathers of the Church testify, ...
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What evidence is there that Jewish weddings staged a mock kidnapping of the bride?

Proponents of a rapture sometimes say that Jewish weddings staged a mock kidnapping of the bride, which is a symbol for the future rapture of the church. For example another answer quotes Nancy ...
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Religious Blessing at a Non-religious Wedding

My daughter has decided to have a non-catholic/non-religious wedding. There does not seem to be any possibility of changing her mind mostly due to her fiance. Needless to say this has caused some "...
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