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Are there any denominations that consider it sinful to own guns for any reason, regardless of laws?

Are there any Christian denominations that consider it sinful for believers to own weapons for any reason, even if the weapon is legal to own?
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Does the Catholic Church Promulgate Anything Specific Regarding Priests and Firearms?

Does the Catholic Church have any explicit laws regarding priests and the ownership of or the carrying of firearms? I am under the impression that Canon Law (someplace) forbids for all clerics from ...
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Did any Early Church Father believe that being armed/self-defence was justified?

As you know there were many prophets in the Bible who were armed and had swords for self-defence. Jesus himself allowed St. Peter and his apostles to buy a sword for self-defence. But did any of the ...
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What argument and/or evidence is there that Jesus sent the disciples out armed?

I recently heard someone who describes themself as an ardent Christian state that Christianity is "a fighting man's religion". They backed this up by claiming that when Jesus sent the ...
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What is Jehovah's Witnesses view on a baptized member owning machine guns?

Question on Jehovah's Witnesses view about owning guns that are not used for hunting or for protecting against wild animals. Let's say for example someone in USA who likes to collect automatic ...
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What is LDS church view of a baptized member owning machine guns?

This other question mentions a harm threshold above which an offender's participation counts as "serious". The examples given include defacing more than 10 postage stamps in a 48 hour period ...
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What is the Mormon position on keeping weapons and on war?

I have come across a chapter in the Book of Mormon that is very interesting. It details how the Nephites thought it would be better to bury their swords and never kill another person again. The ...
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3 answers

What Doctrine Supports The Christian Gun Culture? [closed]

In America, there is a large group of people where being a Christian, active in the gun culture and protecting their right to fire arms is proudly the basis of their identity. For example, at the ...
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