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Catholic doctrine on spiritual vocation

I was reading Angelic Doctor about religious vocation (= a invation from God to life as dioceasn priest or in some kind of religous order (like Dominicans, Franciscans...)) and it seems that he did ...
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History of the doctrine of religious vocation in Catholic Church

I am reading Aquinas and I am puzzled by his view on religious vocation and common view in the Church today (I will for sake of simplicity call it a modern view) about religious vocation. In On the ...
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How does one discern a calling to the vocation of priesthood?

Approaching this from a Catholic perspective, what are good signs that God is calling you to the vocation of priesthood, in other words, what must one look for to know whether you are called to the ...
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Whether Ignatian spiritual exercises are good for the discernment of vocation according to Thomistic understanding of vocation?

All I know about Ignatian spiritual exercises was orally transmitted to me from priests and others, therefore I may misunderstand Ignatian spiritual exercises and in that case please correct me. ...
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