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Are the arguments made by Popes in "social encyclicals" religious in nature?

Many Catholic friends of mine are seeking religious exemptions to the various Covid-19 mandates. Especially ones who either work from home can prove acquired immunity. For them, notwithstanding the ...
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Does the 5th Veritas Covid Whistleblower on Pfizer change the Catholic Church's position on the the morality of the Pfizer vaccine?

To some it would smack of nothingburger, but it's notable enough to publish as a "Whistleblower" report that Pfizer has been testing performing embryonic stem cell tests with more than just ...
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Do Catholics have to request a religious exception for matters of conscience from their parish priest?

There are numerous stories on the National Catholic Register about Bishops who have decided to prohibit priests in their dioceses from granting religious exceptions for Covid-19 vaccines. Is there ...
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Can a church pastor prohibit sacraments to people for any reason, other than mortal sin?

A friend of ours alerted us to an example (maybe there are more) of a Catholic Church (took a little checking to make sure it was really a Catholic Church) that is only allowing people who are ...
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Are Catholics obliged to follow scientific evidence that they find disreputable with respect to the Covid-19 pandemic?

Like most of the planet, I've been taking in gobs of information about Covid-19 and vaccinations. The latest news I read was that even the horribly abortion tainted Johnson and Johnson vaccine is ...
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According to the Catholic Church, should 'vaccine passports' be contrary to Natural Moral Law?

I've read a lot of shocking stories lately from Lifesitenews and the like about the age of vaccine passports. I think they just assume that the reader will have an innate revulsion to them and don't ...
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How best for a Christian to explore the ethics of a Covid-19 vaccine that might use farmed cell-lines from aborted foetuses?

I looked through the CMF website at their Briefing paper When demand outstrips supply: A Christian view of the ethics of healthcare resource allocation during the COVID-19 pandemic: “The British ...
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Is using medication derived from tissue of aborted fetuses compatible with Catholic teaching?

Obviously no one should take any medical advice from StackExchange, but from a purely theological/canon-law perspective: What does Catholic teaching or canon law say about using medicine developed ...