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In Christianity, the belief in universal salvation, i.e., that all humans will be reconciled to God

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Universalism in the Orthodox Church?

Is this true that in the Orthodox Church there are still two quite opposite views existing, one of which holds that everybody will sooner or later be delivered by God from the hell, and another one ...
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What is the Biblical basis for Universal salvation?

Universal salvation, or universal reconciliation is the belief that God will eventually reconcile Himself with every immortal soul. That is, everyone will be saved. This doctrine has a long history. ...
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What is the current and historical viewpoint on universal salvation as a doctrine in the Catholic Church?

What is the current and historical viewpoint on universal salvation as a doctrine in the Catholic Church? Is there any defence or reference to this doctrine in any of the current catechisms? And ...
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Was there a non-Augustinian response to universalism in the early Church?

Most are aware of Augustine's abandonment of his universalism and his later adoption of eternal conscious torment in literal fire. His rejection of universalism is ultimately founded upon a ...
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Is it to say: "We can have reasonable hope that all will be saved" heretical? [duplicate]

Unfortunately, we can hear some lay Catholics (sometimes even a bishop) say that: "We can have reasonable hope that all will be saved". It seems obvious that the statement is untrue, however, is it a ...
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Does the Catholic Church oppose universalism?

I've been reading George MacDonald as of late and have heard in a few places that he argues for universalism. I though that had something to do with unitarianism, but in looking it up a tad more, I ...
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Was universalism the majority belief of the early church?

I recently came upon an article that made this statement: According to historical records, Universal Reconciliation was the majority belief of the church during the first five centuries of the ...
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What's the name of this doctrine and (when) did the Eastern Orthodox Church condemn it?

"God is merciful and He wants all people to be saved, thus, all the humans, even the worst ones, having fully redeemed themselves from their wrongdoings by spending some adequate time in the hell, ...
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How do opponents of Decision Theology distinguish themselves from Universal Salvation?

There is a tradition, perhaps strongest in Lutheranism, that opposes what it calls "Decision Theology". Biblical support for opposing Decision Theology would come in passages like, "No one can say ...
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How does Calvinism explain how an omniscient, omnipotent, and omnibenevolent creator could NOT have a plan for universal salvation?

In the haze of discerning truth and wisdom by the hybrid application of scripture, tradition, philosophy, and experience it seems illogical that a loving creator with perfect and complete knowledge ...
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