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Doctrine that ordinary Christians share a common priesthood

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What is the earliest known work in which the phrase "priesthood of all believers" is used?

The German translation for the phrase “priesthood of all believers” is “Priestertum aller Gläubigen”. According to everything I have read, Martin Luther popularized the doctrine but did not use this ...
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Why did Martin Luther reject the idea of the priesthood (sacerdotalism)?

It's famously know that Martin Luther, rejected the idea of a sacerdotal priesthood. Meaning priests and bishops having a certain special grace, conferred on them at ordination or installation (in ...
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Can families do their own communion service with the sacrament being valid as a means of grace?

In Protestant denominations where the practice of the Lord's Supper / Holy Communion is considered a means of grace (instead of 100% remembrance / memorial), can a head of family celebrate the Lord's ...
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In Common Priesthood, what will be our sacrifice?

In Catholicism, we believe every baptized Christian participates in the common priesthood (Catechism of the Catholic Church 1547). A priest offers sacrifice to God. In that case what will be the ...
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Similarities and differences between the priesthood of all believers and the LDS priesthood

In the LDS Church, all men and older boys are encouraged to obtain the priesthood. Women are also encouraged to receive ordinances in the temple, which Joseph Smith described as entering into an "...
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2 answers

Do Christians have the authority to forgive sin?

Catholic doctrines of Penance teach that if a priest forgives the sin of a parishioner, then that sin is forgiven by God as well- the sacrament of Penance is effective, and not just ceremonial. ...
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How does the Catholic Church understand the priesthood of all believers?

In the process of answering a question on the Sacraments, I discovered that Catholic Church accepts the doctrine of the "priesthood of all believers". This rather surprised me since the Church has ...
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Why do adherents to the priesthood of all believers still have organized congregations?

I might be making some naive assumptions here, but I have a hard time seeing what the purpose of congregations are in the context of priesthood of all believers. As I understand it, priesthood of all ...
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15 votes
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What is the biblical basis for the priesthood of all believers?

What is the biblical basis for the priesthood of all believers?
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