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For questions relating to the country known as the United States of America.

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What role does the Gospel Music Association have in standardizing what is played on Contemporary Christian Music stations?

The wikipedia entry for Christian Metal says that some of the stations which do play said genre: as a whole these larger stations generally maintain a GMA-prescribed format. Christian metal (...
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St. Tammany Church?

The popular Indian chief of the 17th century was dubbed affectionately as St. Tammany, the Patron Saint America. St. Tammany Parish (established in 1810) is one of nine Louisiana parishes (counties) ...
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What relationship does the Harlem Gospel Choir have to Christianity?

Probably the most famous Gospel choir is the Harlem Gospel Choir. They are known around the world for their excellent performances of African American Gospel music. But to my knowledge, their origins ...
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Where can I find the source of "I perish today not because of the crime I committed, but because of the pardon I did not accept"?

From a sermon illustration: That quote was the last words of a young man in southern USA (18th century), who was sentenced to be hung for a crime, whose family had interceded with the governor. The ...
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Blessed Solanus Casey---Prophecy Regarding Disappearance of Large Portions of the United States Due to Flooding?

Some number of years ago, I recall having seen (I am sure it was on television and I believe it was in the 1990s) a documentary (I would like to say it was a show called "Unsolved Mysteries,"...
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Was the transition from establishment to voluntary church support made with "little difficulty" in the US?

In A History of American Christianity, Chapter 16, Leonard Bacon writes: The transition from establishment to the voluntary system for the support of churches was made not without some difficulty, ...
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Will a Greek Orthodox priest in America marry a couple who haven't civilly registered the marriage?

A senior citizen couple I know were married in a Greek Orthodox church ceremony without ever obtaining a marriage license. The priest agreed to do this. Is this allowed by the Church? I know several ...
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