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Nation on the British Isles, including England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland, but not the Republic of Ireland

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How does the doctrine of British Baptists compare with their American cousins?

This question examines the difference between the American Baptists and Southern Baptists in the USA. In the UK, there is one formal Baptist denomination, the Baptist Union of Great Britain (BUGB). ...
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What is the role of the British monarch?

What role does the British monarch play as leader of the Church of England? Furthermore, how has this role changed over time?
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Which denominations are considered mainstream in the UK?

Wikipedia lists these denominations as "mainline protestant" churches in the United States: American Baptists Disciples of Christ Congregationalists / United Church of Christ Episcopalians Lutherans ...
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How can I find and read Alpha News?

The originators of the Alpha Course published a newsletter called Alpha News, which I have seen cited a few times. Is there a way to track down back copies of Alpha News?
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Was it possible for Catholics to express their faith openly in England during the time of persecution?

Was it possible for Catholics to express their faith openly (if at all) in Britain during the time of the of English persecutions (April 29, 1559)-(April 13, 1829)? On 29 April 1559, the English ...
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Is the ASV Bible public domain in the UK?

The ASV Bible is viewed to be a Public Domain work in America (as is the KJV), but is the ASV also considered a public domain bible in England? I ask this question because the internet indicates ...
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What are the Presbyterian denominations in England?

Except the Evangelical Presbyterian Church in England and Wales and the Free Presbyterian Church of Ulster, both of which have a few congregations in England, I am not aware of any other Presbyterian ...
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