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What is an overview of classifications of the Sabbath (Exodus 20:8-11) by denominations who adhere to the tripartite division of the Law?

Many denominations believe in the tripartite division of the Old Testament Law into moral, ceremonial and civil (source 1, source 2, source 3, source 4). However, it is not clear to me how each ...
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What exactly does civil law mean?

The laws in the Old Testament can be separated into 3 categories as useful guides: Moral laws. Ceremonial laws. Civil laws. Moral laws deal with right and wrong behaviour, in relations to the ...
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Have the individual commands of the OT Law ever been categorized as "Moral," "Ceremonial," and "Civil?"

Are there any historic Christian documents that provide a comprehensive categorization of the commands of the OT Law / mitzvot using the three categories from the WCF? And, if so, then as a secondary ...
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What is the biblical support for the moral-civil-ceremonial distinction of Old Testament laws?

I just asked this question looking for where this view point came from and when it was made popular. Ceremonial Law: This type of law relates to Israel's worship. (Lev 1:1-13) The laws pointed ...
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How can I tell the difference between the Moral law and other laws in the old testament?

Many Christians believe that there are three kinds of law in the Old Testament: The moral law that declares how man should live. The civil law that was the legal structures for the ancient nation of ...
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What is the origin of the moral-civil-ceremonial distinction of the Old Testament law?

This distinction is often called tripartite division of the law. I ran across this series of blog posts, which considers the division of the law into "moral", "civil", and "ceremonial" parts: ...
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