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According to Catholic Bioethics are mRNA vaccines a transhumanist slippery slope?

The National Catholic Bioethics Center considers what I think is a straw-man argument against people who reject mRNA vaccines on ethical grounds because they're transhumanist. Myth 1: For vaccines ...
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Is there a biblical basis for the claim that humans are shaped into the God-human Christ?

In Is Transhumanism a Challenge or an Opportunity for the Christian Faith? the following statements are made (emphasis mine): Yet, by painting Transhumanism as an offshoot of atheistic naturalism, ...
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Can An Extraterrestrial Be A Christian? [closed]

In a spin-off of a law forum question ("Can an extra terrestrial be legally adopted?"), I ask: "Can an extraterrestrial be a Christian?" Like all short questions, however, it might ...
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What is the position of Catholic theology on human rights in transhumanism?

What is the opinion of Catholic theology on transhumanism, especially on the possibility to create autonomous artificial intelligence that would be granted the same or similar rights as humans?
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Would organisms genetically descendent from humans fall under the purview of the Catholic defined God? [closed]

Scientists are discussing the theoretical possibility of transferring human bacteria to other planets as a way of encouraging a genetically descendent human species - primarily in places such as Mars. ...
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