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2nd/3rd century Latin church father

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The statements of the early Church Fathers regarding the doctrine of the Trinity (pre-Nicea)

In an article answering Georg Kaplan's 1 denials of the Trinitarian doctrine, Ken Temple states : Even if the early Church had never applied the title θεός to Jesus, his deity would still be apparent ...
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In what ways did orthodox trinitarianism diverge from Tertullian's proto-trinitarianism?

Tertullian is well known as the first Latin writer to use the word "trinity" (trinitas) and as a proponent of trinitarian doctrine in general. But there were many trinitarian controversies between his ...
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Did Tertullian forbid Christians from being school teachers?

While reading Bruce Shelley's Church History in Plain Language, I came across the following quote, in the context of how early Christians separated themselves from the world around them for fear of ...
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What does "Tres Personae" mean in Tertullian's "Una Substantia Tres Personae"?

I've read the internet about Tertullian's "tres personae, una substantia" of Trinity. It seems that his "tres personae, una substantia" is rejected by all kind of Christianity. However I would like ...
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