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When was the Gospel of Mark written?

We have a variety of questions on when New Testament texts were composed, such as: When Was The Gospel of Luke Written? When was the New Testament written, and by who? (unfortunately, the posts here ...
4 votes
2 answers

Is it correct to say Bible has 2 eyewitness accounts (Matthew, Mark and Luke as comprehensive one & John being the other) of Jesus Christ's lifetime?

Since the Synoptic problem indicates that the Synoptic gospels form a comprehensive view that gives a holistic perspective, therefore, bible readers can Not use the argument that the 3 gospels of ...
3 votes
2 answers

Are Matthew, Mark and Luke the same book in different version?

I always thought Matthew, Mark and Luke are different books originally were written by different people. But recently I was told that Matthew, Mark and Luke are originally the same book but in ...
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1 answer

Does “Q” elucidate the "synoptic problem"?

Original Question Mainstream scholarship widely supports the view that the authors of Matthew and Luke shared a common source, since lost, in contemporary discourse called "Q". Yet it is easily ...