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Has the Catholic Church officially denounced the superstition involving Friday the 13th?

Today is the 13th day of the calendar month falling on a Friday. Many cultures consider the combination as something evil. The superstition seems to relate to various things, like the story of Jesus' ...
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Is it superstitious to have a worldview where supernatural interventions are not just possible but likely?

There was a quickly deleted S.E. post that responded to this question, "is there any way for a rational person to reach the conclusion that Christianity is definitely true?" The post that ...
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Is spirituality different than superstition? [closed]

Since Enlightenment we seem to have entered an age where “reality” is often confined to empirical explanations. Yet the Bible speaks of a spiritual reality that is not open to empirical investigation. ...
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What is the basis for saying "God bless you" when a person sneezes?

It is common among many Christians to say "God bless you" (or simply "bless you," which implies the former) to a person when they sneeze. I have heard that this may have originated with an old belief ...
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What's the deal with numbers? [closed]

The Catechism of the Catholic Church states that superstition is not supposed to be practiced and it is a violation of the 1st Commandment to honor God about all else. However, there's always ...
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How should a Christian relate to pseudoscience? [closed]

This chart from Wikipedia quite nicely explains what pseudoscience is: I think it's quite clear from the Bible that we Christians shouldn't give room to superstitions. As pseudoscience is close to ...
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