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A Protestant denomination in the United States.

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What are fellowships, associations, and denominations within the Baptist denomination?

This is something I read from hrc Although ABCUSA shares many traditions, beliefs and values with other Baptists, ABCUSA is a distinct entity from its relatives, the American Baptist Association (ABA)...
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Which Biblical Theology frameworks are currently taught in the Southern Baptist seminaries?

There are two major frameworks of Biblical Theology in Protestant Christianity: Dispensationaliam and Covenant Theology. Simplistically, Dispensationaliam says there is a big discontinuity between ...
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According to Southern Baptists, where does a baby's soul come from?

When someone dies their soul either goes to heaven or to hell, there is no true end for a soul, only for the body because energy cannot be created or destroyed. By the same token, when someone is born ...
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Do Southern Baptist traditionalists agree with the Arminian view of prevenient grace?

Part of the "Arminian" position (as I understand it) is essentially as follows: Fallen people are of such a morally corrupted nature that, when hearing the gospel of how they can and must be saved by ...
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According to the Southern Baptist Convention, what is the biblical basis for involving the church in politics?

I live in Kentucky, and a predominant preacher in this state is a man named Paul Chitwood, who is the executive director of the Kentucky Baptist Convention. In 2015, Chitwood wrote an article called ...
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Does the Southern Baptist Convention consider other religions evil, demonic, and satanic?

Does the Southern Baptist Convention consider other religions like Hinduism, Buddhism and Islam evil, demonic, and satanic?
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How do Southern Baptists who believe in the immortality of the soul explain what death means in scripture

The Bible often speaks of death as "sleep" and Ecclesiastes 9:5 says dead aren't aware of anything. Yet many Christians claim reward or punishment begins immediately when one dies. If there is really ...
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Can Southern Baptists take communion at home alone?

There is an old man in our neighborhood who is a member of a Southern Baptist congregation, though for various reasons he does not attend the local church. He asked me what I thought about the ...
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What do Southen Baptists believe about Jesus' dual nature?

It's Catholic Dogma that Jesus was one man with two natures. I was reading an answer to a question on this site where a brother in Christ of the Southern Baptist persuasion was talking about "the man ...
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What changed between the Old and New Testaments?

In the Old Testament God meted out his justice through people, or he himself meted out justice immediately through his own hands: All Scripture is quoted from the King James translation. Exodus 19:12 ...
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Is it true that the Southern Baptist denomination marks no distinction between member and non-member?

Is it true that the Southern Baptist denomination marks no distinction between member and non-member, Christian or non-Christian, in that everyone is encouraged to participate in the events (sitting ...
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What Bible translations are accepted by the Southern Baptist Convention?

Is there is a list of which translations of the Bible are accepted by the Southern Baptist Convention?
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Where did the "We are the pure and chosen few / And all the rest are damned" nursery rhyme originate? [closed]

I've heard Christopher Hitchens say this a few times now, We are the pure and chosen few And all the rest are damned There’s room enough in hell for you We don’t want heaven ...
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What is the Southern Baptist belief regarding speaking in tongues?

I have yet to see anyone speaking in tongues in a Southern Baptist church. Having said that, the lack of speaking in tongues does not necessarily mean that Southern Baptists never speak in tongues or ...
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What do Southern Baptists believe about Predestination?

It seems that some doctrines and beliefs are not taught openly. I was curious, what is the Southern Baptist doctrine regarding predestination? Do they believe in unconditional election or complete ...
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