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Questions regarding the spiritual part of a person that is believed to give life to the body and is considered to be immortal

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What are the correct pairings between the soul's faculties and the 3 transcendentals?

The three transcendentals and imago dei Medieval scholastic theology inherited the notions of transcendentals from Greek metaphysics. CCC 41, interpreting Wis 13:5, teaches that our soul has the ...
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About the spiritual soul: can animals apprehend universals?

I'm struggling with this question for a while: It seems like dogs do know what dogs are. Is it possible for a dog to only recognize individuals and not grasp the universal concept of dog? I thought ...
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Do any Christian groups teach that animals will *go* to heaven?

AFAIK, most Christians would agree that animals don't have souls in the sense that people (humans) do. Many would say further animals don't have free will. Thus, AFAIK, most Christians would say that ...
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What is the present position of the Catholic Church on resurrection vs "immortality of the soul"?

The Catholic Church has traditionally affirmed the unconditional "immortality of the soul", with its final destination either to the blessedness of Heaven or to the eternal torments of Hell. ...
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Does God create fresh souls or are we a part of Gods soul?

With the premise that we have souls and the premise that the soul of God is eternal. If God's soul is eternal, are the parts of that soul eternal too. If we are parts of that whole soul, then are we ...
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