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Old Testament book of the Bible, attributed to Solomon, with two lovers as the main characters

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Does the verse in Song of Solomon 5:16 contain the name of the Islamic prophet Muhammad?

I have met Muslims and interacted with them directly and indirectly about their brief that the Islamic prophet Muhammad is mentioned in the Bible. One such claim is centred on the Song of Solomon 5:16....
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Why is the Song of Solomon in bible?

Can someone explain what the song is all about? I read it and found out that the characters are not husband and wife. I want to understand the context in which the poem is written and a gist of the ...
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How does a Roman Catholic reconcile a preference for purely procreative sex with the Song of Solomon?

Premise #1: The Roman Catholic Church teaches that sex is for procreation Peter Turner has an excellent answer to the question on Onan. In it, he suggests that Onan really was misusing sex, and that ...
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What is the basis for the idea that the Song of Solomon is about the relationship between God and the church?

I am familiar with the interpretation of Song of Solomon which suggests that it is love poetry written by (or at the behest of, or in honour of, or later attributed to) King Solomon and that it is ...
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Which is the most ancient commentary on song of Solomon, that attempts to explain its narrative

There are lots of ancient commentaries on the book, most notably Origen's. However these seem to be chiefly interested in spiritual content (questions like what horses bridles/lilies may represent), I ...
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Does Song of Solomon encourage pre-marital sex? [closed]

Someone raised the following argument, claiming that the Bible, in the Song of Solomon, encourages pornography and premarital sex. He had me read some verses from the book, which I've listed below, ...
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What is the origin of the interpretation of the Song of Solomon as a picture for Christ and the Church?

For today's average Christian, it is commonplace to read Song of Solomon as a prophetic picture of Christ, as the Bridegroom, and the Church, as the Bride. But where did this view have its beginning? ...
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St. Mary Magdalene meets Jesus in a garden Jn. 20:15, parallel to Song of Song's garden?

Has any Catholic exegete ever noted the parallel between St. Mary Magdalene's meeting Jesus in a garden (cf. her mistaking Him as a gardener in Jn. 20:15) with the garden of Solomon's Song of Songs? ...
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What is Song of Songs 5:14 referring to? [migrated]

Song of Songs 5:14 references a body part of the beloved that is usually translated as "belly" (KJV) or "body" (ESV, NIV) which resembles polished ivory. According to the ...
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Why is Song of Songs not considered pornography? [closed]

"May he kiss me with the kisses of his mouth! For your love is better than wine. Your oils have a pleasing fragrance, Your name is like purified oil; Therefore the maidens love you. Draw me after you ...
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