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What are critiques of the theory that Mt. Sinai was volcanic?

In his book The Miracles of Exodus (2003), chapter 6, physicist Colin Humphreys argues that the description of Mt. Sinai in the book of Exodus is characteristic of volcanic activity (and identifies Mt....
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Was Mt. Sinai a volcano?

Just watched this glorious video. In watching it, the similarity of the imagery to the description of God's presence as fire and smoke in the wilderness of Exodus and especially on Mt. Sinai was ...
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According to the Catholic Church, who taught Moses the Law?

Who taught Moses the Law? (Meaning the Law given to him on Sinai, that he would teach to all of Israel.) Judaism says it was angels. What does the Catholic Church say?
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When was the name of Sinai first applied to the Sinai peninsular?

When was the name of Sinai first applied to what we now know as the 'Sinai peninsular'? Some modern scholars maintain that Mt Sinai = Mt Horeb = 'the Mountain of God' which is located in northwest ...
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