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Looking for the Source of a Teaching on Sexual Ethics from Benedict XVI or JP2

Years ago, I recall being taught that Benedict XVI once said that it was licit for a husband to perform cunnilingus on his wife in order to help her climax if she did not during the ordinary process ...
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What is the official position of Christian denominations today about Wasting seed? [closed]

Human sperm are known to live for up to 74 days inside a man's body, after which they are reabsorbed by the body. This means that, if a man releases sperm in an ejaculation, the sperm would have been ...
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According to the Catholic Church, are sex positions that can’t bear children sinful?

Note that my question is asking about married couples, not just any two people engaging in intercourse. According to the Catholic Church, would a husband in wife be in sin if they committed any of the ...
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If a woman does not reach the climax at the time when the husband does, is it morally permissible for her to be stimulated until she achieves it?

If a woman does not reach the climax in the marital act at the time when the husband achieves it (he achieves it before she does), is it morally permissible for her to be stimulated (by herself or her ...
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Are there any Christian denominations that believe in sex and marriage in the afterlife?

After an interesting set of articles put forward in the chatroom, I'm curious to know if any christian denominations have said a marriage can continue in heaven, and if the conjugal act continues in ...
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Did biblical polygamy ever involve group sex? [closed]

Just to be clear, polygamy and group sex go against my conscience. I am a Christian, and I ask this question sincerely. Polygamy is not explicitly or unambiguously forbidden in the Bible. In fact, it ...
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What Christian groups believe sex was the original sin, and not disobedience?

There is a story in the Bible that Adam and Eve ate the fruit and thus sinned against God. But other religions, including some Christians, describe that they were having intercourse and that's why God ...
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What is masturbation, according to the Catholic Catechism?

By masturbation is to be understood the deliberate stimulation of the genital organs in order to derive sexual pleasure. CCC 2352 So does this mean I need to buy extra gold bond medicated powder to ...
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Is Mary's virginity evidence that sex is always sinful? [closed]

It seems that sex is always a sin, as evidenced by the fact that Jesus had to be born of a virgin and not by traditional conception in order to be sinless. Is this true? Any viewpoint is welcome.
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