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According to sedeprivationism, does a material pope have temporal authority?

According to sedeprivationism, does a material pope (papa materialiter) have temporal authority?
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Why is Sedevacantism false?

Vatican II appears to me to have been a schizophrenic episode in the life of the Church. With the psychosis still going on and getting more intense with Pope Francis. It’s as though there was a Spirit ...
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How do sedevacantists who claim the See has been empty since Vatican II understand the legitimacy of the bishops and priests?

I was recently listening to my favorite Catholic apologist Trent Horn talk about Sedevacantism on his podcast, and he brought up an objection that I’m curious to hear a response too. He said that if ...
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What is Sedevacantism?

On to my next question of “catholic vocabulary”, I hear this word tossed around occasionally. What is “Sedevacantism”? Is it a belief? A heretical belief? A practice?
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According to the Catholic magisterium, are sedevacantists by definition schismatics?

This is both a terminology question and a Catholic doctrine question regarding the status of sedevacantists, that is, those who reject the current pope as illegitimate. I found the following Catholic ...
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What is the endgame for sedevacantists?

"Sedevacantism" is the belief that the See of Rome is currently vacant; that is, there is no current Pope. There are not very many people who believe it, but they do seem to be pretty vocal on the ...
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