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Are there any Christian sects/denominations which reject that Jesus was born of a woman?

So I'm curious if there exist any Christian sects which deny the physical birth of Jesus, i.e. that Jesus was born from Mary. Perhaps such a sect would say that Jesus simply appeared from the Heavens ...
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Which Christian branches/sects have information about their belief system hidden from new members but revealed to established ones?

Some religions have what might be described as unpalatable, or at least 'weird' beliefs, from an outside perspective, and sometimes they hide these beliefs from new members and reveal them only to ...
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Is the Militia of the Immaculata a sect within the Catholic branch of Christianity?

In an answer on this closed question, Is there a sect of Christians that believe in the divinity of Mary, mother of Jesus? is found reference to St. Maximilian Maria Kolbe, founder of the Militia of ...
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Essenes' Beliefs in Comparison to Christianity

Does anyone know (with sources) what the Essenes taught and believed in relation to what Christ taught? Sources are much appreciated.
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What denominations of Christianity forbid meat from strangled animals?

In Acts 15, at the end of the Apostolic Council the Church sends the following letter to Gentile Christians: The apostles and elders, your brothers, To the Gentile believers in Antioch, Syria ...
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What is the biblical basis for Christians quitting their jobs?

Recently upon travelling from university I came across a fairly new Christian sect called Jesus Christians. They were handing out DVD's which had a QR code linking to a Youtube channel called A Voice ...
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Why were Anabaptists called Anabaptists?

Anabaptism, according to the OED, means "a second baptism, re-baptism", but the answer to this question says that Anabaptists only baptize once. Why were Anabaptists called Anabaptists, then?
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Are there any Christian denominations that reject some of the gospels in the New Testament?

Are all four gospels in the NT accepted by every Christian denomination (whether trinitarian or non-trinitarian)? For example, you could have a christian denomination that accepts Mark’s gospel but ...
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What was the "Sect of Nicolaus" and did elements of it's influence carry down to our day?

In Revelation there is mention, in two congregations, concerning the "Sect of Nicolaus". What exactly was this sect? What did it teach? And has it's influence survived into our day?
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Did Jesus himself assert the fact that he belonged to some religion like Judaism?

It is assumed that Jesus was a Jew. I am not asking whether Jesus was a Jew or not (as we all know that Jesus was born in a "Jewish" household), but does Jesus explicitly call himself a Jew? Rather ...
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Was Islam originally considered to be a Christian sect?

There is some speculation that Islam was originally considered to be a sect of Christianity by those who claimed to be Christians, rather than a separate religion (e.g., Hinduism, Jainism). Do any ...
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