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Satan (שטן) is "the Evil One," often called Lucifer, the Devil, or Beelzebub (בעל זבוב). He is an antagonist to God and his church.

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When did satan (SH7835) obtain the second meaning of superhuman adversary?

For Strong's Hebrew number 7854 (Satan) the Brown-Driver-Briggs' notes give these meanings: (1) adversary, one who withstands (1a) adversary (in general — personal or national) (2) superhuman ...
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Would the Serpent (Satan) have dwelled eternally on earth if the fruit was not bitten?

After Lucifer and the fallen angels were hurled away from Heaven and landed on Earth instead of hell, because Earth was once paradise before the fall of man and Satan and his demons were sent there, ...
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What is the Jehovahs Witness theology on Satan

Was he created evil or did he become evil? If he was someone else and then became evil, when did this happen?
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How are God, angels, men and devils related, according to the Scriptures?

I see a lot of pseudo-Scriptural mysticism on the subject of the identities of angels and devils, men and God. I say mysticism not to dismiss attempted explanations categorically, but because the ...
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Why isn’t Jesus just rebuking the devil?

In Luke 4:1-12, Jesus is getting tempted by the devil. Three times he responds with the Scriptures instead of rebuking the devil. Why doesn’t Jesus just say, “I rebuke you Satan!” At the first ...
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Creation and when satan fell

'In the begining God created the heavens and the earth, now the earth was formless'(Gen 1:1). The Hebrew text does not say 'now' but the earth 'she became' formless, the same word used when Lot's wife ...
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