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Questions tagged [religious-education]

Questions regarding the teaching of Christian beliefs, doctrines, rituals, customs, rites, and its varied aspects.

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5 votes
4 answers

How trained are the elders in the Jehovah's Witness denomination?

Jehovah's Witnesses are known to have no pastors or priests, because having pastors or priests would go against their theology. Instead, they have "elders". From an outsider's perspective, elders ...
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Are there any denominations that teach their members how to hear God's voice better, as exemplified by the Apostles in Scripture?

From time to time I have come across people who claim to have heard the voice of God speak to them in various circumstances. To someone who has never experienced this firsthand, this may sound a bit ...
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10 votes
3 answers

What is the biblical basis/justification for requiring a pastor be educated?

As a Baptist, while I don't know of any specific requirements for a pastor, it is generally accepted that a head pastor would have some sort of seminary education, be it a Masters or even a Doctorate ...
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4 votes
3 answers

Why do some Christian churches have classes about other churches?

The context of my question is is directed mostly toward "non-denominational" or independent Christian groups, though feedback from the perspective of more established (e.g. Protestant) churches is ...
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