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Calvinist theologian, author, and pastor (1939–)

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Did R.C Sproul consider any historical-seeming book to be non-historical?

I was watching this video on YouTube by R.C. Sproul and it discussed the Sensus Literalis, and how genre matters. One comment that surpised me was that, Sproul says it may take a lot of technical work ...
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How do Christians who believe in libertarian free will respond to R.C. Sproul's critique in the article "What Is Free Will?"?

I'm referring to this article: What Is Free Will?, which is a transcript of a sermon by Reformed Theologian R.C. Sproul (a video recording of the sermon is available in the same article). I highly ...
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Did God institute a law against the debasing of currency? (RC Sproul)

In "How Should I Think about Money?" Dr RC Sproul states on page 41: God instituted in the nation of Israel a law against the debasing of currency He further gives the example of coin ...
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Does R.C. Sproul elaborate on his position regarding images of Christ?

In discussions of theologians who take the continental Reformed view of the 2nd commandment (as opposed to the Westminster / Puritan view), people often point out this brief quote by R.C. Sproul: ...
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Who first said, "We are all born Pelagians?"

In What Is Reformed Theology? R. C. Sproul attributes the following quote to Roger Nicole, a 20th century Reformed theologian: We are all born Pelagians. (source) By this, Sproul means to say that ...
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What does R. C. Sproul mean by the 'essence' of God?

R. C. Sproul discusses and defends the Trinity in this book, What is the Trinity? He explains that God is one essence, composed of three persons, and that the existence of three persons in one essence ...
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