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Related to Rastafari, an Abrahamic religion developed in Jamaica in the 1930s

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Why do Rastafarians believe it is okay to use cannabis?

Almost every denomination and sect of Christianity believes it is wrong to use cannabis. For some reason they always quote Scripture that pertains to alcohol as reasons for why one should not use it. ...
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Are there tenets of Rastafarianism that run counter to Baptist theology? [closed]

I am a Baptist and I have no desire to call myself a Rasta but I believe in some things they believe in such as living clean, peace, unity, etc. Is it wrong to identify with those things? Many say ...
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Do Rastafarians believe in Jesus as the Way to God?

Do Rastafarians believe that Jesus is the way to God in the same way that Christians believe? I find that their singing speaks a lot about God and spiritual matters.
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