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What official statements represent Christianity's position on the Gospel of Barnabas?

The Gospel of Barnabas is a text that has turned up in the form of 16th century manuscripts in Italian and Spanish. The text claims to be the witness of Jesus' disciple Barnabas, however its content ...
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Is the Testament of Solomon Biblical?

Okay so I was looking around on google for some answers about where some of the demon names that are "Biblical" came from, and I came across the Testament of Solomon. It isn't in the Bible from what I ...
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Why don't Christians believe in the Gospel Of Barnabas? [duplicate]

The Gospel Of Barnabas is one of the 2 additional Gospel discovered than present in Bible which has an clearly distinct prespective about Jesus (PBUH) and his death so why Christians do not believe in ...
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How do Christians explain Muhammad being mentioned in the Gospel of Barnabas?

The Gospel of Barnabas is rejected by Christians because of the contradictory statements with respect to other "accepted" gospels (Even though other accepted bibles contains some ...
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