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4 votes
4 answers

According a Catholic interpretation of the natural law, do individuals posses a right to privacy?

This question is mainly about the idea of contact tracing, but in a broader sense, in the Natural Law, as interpreted by the Catholic Church, her doctors, popes, noted philosophers, well-meaning dons, ...
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7 votes
2 answers

What is the biblical basis against a child's right to privacy?

The so-called "right to privacy" is a hot-button issue in many modern societies, and within that discussion, the question of a child's right to privacy is often raised. Christians take positions in ...
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10 votes
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Does the Roman Catholic church consider HIPAA to be an unjust law?

HIPAA, the United States Health Care Privacy Law has been in effect for nearly two decades. It's the law that makes people all nervous about talking about other people's well being with their doctors ...
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