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What is the difference between praising and preaching?

The original context of the question is Acts 2:11 (ESV): 11 both Jews and proselytes, Cretans and Arabians—we hear them telling in our own tongues the mighty works of God.” Some claim that the ...
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Is the 'Ho' in Hosanna! connected in any way to the 'ho' in Jehovah?

While studying Jesus' name and the prophecies fulfilled or reiterated by Gabriel when he addressed Mary to announce the expectant birth, I was led to praise, and the Bible word, "Hosanna" came to mind....
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Praise and Worship, what is the difference?

What does "praise" look like? How does it differ from "worship"? We are urged/called to/commanded to praise God (psalms 146:1 and others), but what is it and what does it look like? Romans 12:1-2 ...
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Will Angels teach us to sing? [closed]

I'm in a discussion as to whether or not angels will teach us to sing. A song we sing states that angels will teach us to sing. I say that we, as Christians, sing a song that the Angels cannot sing. ...
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Music Ministry in Evangelical Free Church of America

I have a desire to start a Music Ministry in an EFCA local assembly that sings to recorded Contemporary Praise and Worship music. How long should I be committed to this assembly before being allowed ...
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Did God create man to worship and praise Him? [closed]

I heard it many times from some Christians and even preachers that God created us to worship and praise Him. I think this idea came from the fact that Psalms contain many phrases like "Praise the Lord"...
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What practical effect do stock worship phrases, like "God be magnified", have?

In our worship to God many times we utter phrases like "God I magnify you" or "God be magnified". I used to wonder, is God really magnified by saying those words? How can we really magnify God or have ...
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