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Pope of the Roman Catholic church, since 2013

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What practical experience does Pope Francis have with parenthood/fatherhood?

Recently I shared Francis's tips for being a good father, but my atheist friends do not consider Pope as authority as I do and are asking what is pope's expertise with parenthood? By expertise I ...
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How many theologians were censured under popes John Paul II, Benedict XVI, and Francis?

This question contains three parts: How many theologians were censured under Pope John Paul II? (1978-2005) How many theologians were censured under Pope Benedict XVI? (2005-2013) How many ...
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What are the messages communicated by Pope Francis' advice of 7th January to parents?

In a news item of National Catholic Register titled 'Pope Francis baptizes babies in the Sistine Chapel on January 7, 2024. Vatican Media ' the following is found : The Pope told parents to let their ...
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St. John Henry Newman on Conscience and the Pope

Here (On Conscience and the Pope) is found an essay written by St. John Henry Newman. It begins as follows: IT seems, then, that there are extreme cases in which Conscience may come into collision ...
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