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Current views about whether it’s appropriate to refer to God as "It"? [closed]

I have recently read in a book about some debate around the fact that God is considered a masculine figure (He/His) and that we should find gender neutral of expressing the same ideas. In my native ...
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10 votes
7 answers

"AD & BC" vs "CE & BCE" [closed]

Is there an official Christian statement for or against the use of AD & BC vs CE & BCE when it comes to the identification of the time before and after the birth of Christ? What is the ...
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Do any Christian groups refer to God as "she", "it" or "they"? (Or is it always "He"?)

In this age of “Political Correctness”, it seems that many people now frown upon the use of he as a gender-neutral pronoun with which to refer to the Christian God, though it was universally used for ...
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