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What is the significance of "seventy times seven"?

Twice in the bible, God makes reference to "seventy times seven" (or "seventy-seven times"). Once in Genesis 4:24 (dealing with Cain's punishment for his murder of Abel), and the other in Matthew 18:...
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When and where does the statement, "Christ paid the penalty for our sins" first appear?

The statement, "Christ paid the penalty for our sins" does not appear in the Bible. When in the history of Christian theology did this specific statement first appear? Who said it? Please provide ...
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12 votes
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What is the historical origin of the "Last Supper" expression?

This is not a question about the meaning (self-explanatory) of the expression, but on its origin. In particular, about who, where, and when. There seems to be nothing about this around. The New ...
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