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Does the Personalistic Norm apply to Divine Persons?

St. Pope John Paul II would be wont to say: "the person is a good towards which the only proper and adequate attitude is love." but in this sense, does "person" equally apply to ...
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Does Unitarianism - as a whole - worship God as a Person?

Wikipedia - Unitarianism seems to suggest that there is no core belief regarding Deity, within what is called 'Unitarianism' : Worship within the Unitarian tradition accommodates a wide range of ...
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Does the Catholic Church teach there is only one person?

I’ve stumbled upon a person who has made a few interesting claims. According to her, among others: Other people are only another physical form of yourself. There exists only one unposseded [by ...
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Can these three "2nd greatest commandments" be put into one sentence? [closed]

I was playing my homemade Catholic Jeopardy with the Faith Formation class last night and I asked. "What is the 2nd greatest commandment". The kids were all like, "umm obey your parents", "Don't ...
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According to personalism, is political libertarianism compatible with the Golden Rule?

This question poses a conflict between two philosophies, but is not meant to necessarily compare their strengths. Only if Love of Neighbor is indeed the antithesis of the libertarian philosophy. ...
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