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Papal Decree Regarding the Education of Catholic Children?

The following question has been motivated by the post What teachings do all Catholic schools share? I recall having read something many years ago specifying that parents have the responsibility to ...
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What have old Christian writers opined about a couple living with in-laws during marriage?

I understand a question has been asked and was closed on this topic previously, but I wanted to more specifically ask about Christian writings on it, preferably early ones. Often people today use ...
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Is there a commandment to love your parents?

In Exodus 20:12 or Deuteronomy 5:16 (i.e. in the ten commandments), it states that you should honour your father and mother. I have often heard that we are commanded to love our parents: is this just ...
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What does it really mean to leave parents after the marriage? [closed]

Many references in Bible points out that Man must leave his parents after marriage. Does it really mean that the parents and wife cannot live together in a common house ?
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How do protestant youth group ministers reach apathetic parents of religious education students?

Another year of teaching religious ed. is starting for me next week and one thing our DRE wants to emphasize, with the new diocesan norms mandating tests, of all things, is that we need more parental ...
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Is one's predestination influenced by one's parents?

This question regards the reformed doctrine of predestination. Predestination states that God, even before the child has been born, decides whether the child is saved. Is there any biblical evidence ...
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