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The doctrine of the infallibility of the Pope, when speaking ex cathedra

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List of papal teachings considered infallible

After reading When does the Pope speak ex cathedra? I became curious and searched for a list of statements, but couldn't find one. Does such list exist and if not, why is this the case?
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Can a pope be a heretic?

Say for example a Pope infallibly declares that Mary was not a virgin, and is currently rotting in Hell. This obviously contradicts established Catholic Dogma. What would happen in this case? Would ...
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Does the Pope teach infallibly ONLY when he speaks ex cathedra?

The Vatican Council (opened on 8 December, 1869) defined as "a divinely revealed dogma" that "the Roman Pontiff, when he speaks ex cathedra — that is, when in the exercise of his office as pastor and ...
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Papal Infallibility and teaching heresy?

I had a question that I hoped the Catholics on the board could help me out with. My understanding of the doctrine of Papal Infallibility is that speaking in his official capacity as the "Vicar of ...
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What would happen if the Pope were to abuse his power?

I find it difficult to fathom the amount of power the Pope can potentially wield. According to book 2, part 2, section 1, chapter 1, article 1 of the Code of Canon Law the Pope basically has ultimate, ...
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What is meant by "faith and morals" with regards to papal infallibility?

There are plenty of questions in this site about infallibility (e.g. here, here, and here). All of them take for granted a certain definition of "faith and morals", which is the area upon which ...
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Hierarchy of Catholicism, government, and papal teaching

The bible teaches that we should submit to our governments in: Romans 13:1-2 (KJV) Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ...
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Why doesn't the Pope try asserting doctrines ex cathedra to check if they're true?

My understanding is that the Catholic Church teaches that when the Pope speaks ex cathedra, he is infallible, because what he says in such instances is divinely protected from error. There are a lot ...
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How could a seventh-century heretic have possessed papal infallibility?

More specifically: How does the Roman Catholic Church reconcile the doctrine of Papal Infallibility with the Sixth Ecumenical Council's pronouncement regarding Pope Honorius? The Sixth Ecumenical ...
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How does the doctrine of Papal Infallibility account for Peter's error?

I understand that the Catholic Churches teaches the doctrine of Papal Infallibility. How does that account for the Scripture that references Peter's error? But when Cephas came to Antioch, I ...
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What is the biblical support that the Catholic Church is the custodian of truth?

The doctrine of papal infallibility is not founded on biblical texts specifically. It is founded on the "biblically supported" doctrine that the church is the custodian of truth. What is the ...
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Can dogma ever be modified, and how does this relate to papal infallibility?

I have two questions related to the concept of dogma in the Catholic church. I appreciate any guidance. Also, references would be helpful. Is there any point in the history of the Roman Catholic ...
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Could "The human soul is created at the moment of conception." be defined as dogma?

Could the proposition The human soul is created at the moment of conception. be defined as dogma? (question idea courtesy Peter Turner, who asked "What paths exist in the Catholic Church for a ...
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By what ordinary methods has God preserved infallibility in the Catholic Church?

The Catholic Church teaches that in order for the saving truths of the faith to be preserved, explained, or observed, Christ endowed his Church with the charism of infallibility.1 It is not uncommon ...
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Can we tell when the Roman pontiff is speaking "EX CATHEDRA"? [duplicate]

A related question and answer here. Following the comment: That may seem clear to some, however the idea and language of infallibility has evolved over hundreds of year and has many nuances. ...
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