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According to Catholicism, are encyclicals considered infallible?

Does the Catholic Church consider all encyclicals infallible? Although the term "encyclical" originally simply meant a circulating letter, it acquired a more specific meaning within the ...
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Why does the Catholic Church teach that Noah's ark was "complete in one cubit"?

According to Pope Boniface VIII's bull Unam sanctam (1302), Indeed, at the time of the flood there was one ark of Noah, prefiguring the one Church, made complete in one cubit [Una nempe fuit diluvii ...
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On the Papal Approbation of Gregory XVI Regarding the Writings of St. Alphonsus Liguori

I have extracted the following from (Papal approval) ``No ecclesiastical writer has ever received more direct, positive and formal ...
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Creed, Encyclical, Decretal, Canon, Bull, etc - What's the difference?

In Catholicism, what is the difference between a Creed, an Encyclical, a Decretal, a Canon and a Papal Bull? Are there any other decrees or formal or informal outlines of official church doctrine used ...
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What doctrinal value does the Catholic Church place on "Cantate Domino"?

If I understand correctly, Cantate Domino is a papal bull by Pope Eugene IV which is in some way affiliated with the Council of Florence. I have heard it claimed that the writing of Cantate Domino ...
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Catholic Encyclicals/Bulls in Which Jews and Freemasons are Mentioned?

I need a list of papal encyclicals/bulls in which both Jews and Freemasons are mentioned in the same document.
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Did the Bull, Unam Sanctam, authorize/promote Christian aggression by the "temporal sword"?

Pope Boniface VIII promulgated the Papal bull entitled, Unam Sanctam. In it, he speaks of two swords: the spiritual sword (gladius spiritualis) and the temporal sword (gladius temporalis). We are ...
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