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Creed, Encyclical, Decretal, Canon, Bull, etc - What's the difference?

In Catholicism, what is the difference between a Creed, an Encyclical, a Decretal, a Canon and a Papal Bull? Are there any other decrees or formal or informal outlines of official church doctrine used ...
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What doctrinal value does the Catholic Church place on "Cantate Domino"?

If I understand correctly, Cantate Domino is a papal bull by Pope Eugene IV which is in some way affiliated with the Council of Florence. I have heard it claimed that the writing of Cantate Domino ...
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2 votes
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According to Catholicism, are encyclicals considered infallible?

Does the Catholic Church consider all encyclicals infallible? Although the term "encyclical" originally simply meant a circulating letter, it acquired a more specific meaning within the ...
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