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What options does a person of Church of England religion have if they are not sure if they were baptized in infancy, and can't prove it either way?

If a Church of England member has never been baptized, then there are pathways to receive this sacrament. You can only be baptized once. What happens if a Church of England member is unsure and cannot ...
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Where does the idea that faith must be a condition for baptism originate from?

I have been told that I possess a very definitive view of faith in regards to baptism. So far as I believe faith in Jesus as personal Lord and Savior must be present at the time of baptism. Hence my ...
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Where does the practice of sprinkling as a mode of baptism come from?

I grew up in a credobaptist tradition. Studying both Scripture and church history for myself without the blinders of tradition, I have come to accept paedobaptism, as I have come to a different ...
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According to paedobaptists, what justifies a link between circumcision and baptism since both males and females are baptised?

The particular view that raises a query in my mind is this, as fully detailed in my answer to this related question, According to Reformed Theology, how can one justify infant baptism? After detailing ...
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What mainstream sects object to infant baptism?

I recently had an interesting discussion with a person who did piercing for a living at one point in time in his life. He told me that the shop he worked had a policy where the would not pierce a baby'...
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Do paedobaptists suggest that a baptised infant is really 'born again'?

This question is for Protestant Trinitarians and addresses the divide among the various denominations of Protestantism, particularly Presbyterianism, Congregationalism and Anglicanism, who baptise ...
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Which doctrine was formalised first: Infant Baptism or Original Sin?

What I mean is something like this : Case A, Original Sin came first because all newly born baby are going to hell if they die in their infant age then let's do Infant Baptism so they don't go to ...
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Did John Calvin believe that the grandchildren of a believer are entitled to infant baptism?

In Calvinism, the children of believers are considered "members of the covenant" and as a sign of that covenant, they are baptized as infants. Practically speaking, this means that if at least one ...
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What is the earliest explicit mention of infant baptism?

The Bible describes several adults being baptized (notably Jesus and the Ethiopian eunuch that Phillip baptized). And while it mentions many others being baptized, it doesn't explicitly mention ...
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