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Do Amish have fire alarms?

I'm pretty sure that people legally need to have fire alarms in every building. But what about Amish? Are they exempt from that law or do they follow it?
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In accordance to LDS doctrine, would Mary & Joseph need to be sealed (by proxy) in the temple?

It is my understanding that the LDS faith places great emphasis on the family unit because they believe that through the sealing powers performed in the Temple by the holy Melchizedek priesthood, ...
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Are incenses burned inside LDS temples like the ancient Jerusalem Temple? Why or Why not?

I apologize if this question is not appropriate because I understand and I respect that the ordinances performed within the walls of LDS temples are sacred and holy and are not talked about. However, ...
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What is the distinction between a sacrament and an ordinance?

I have observed that Catholics and some other denominations call certain things they do "sacraments", and Protestants call certain things they do "ordinances". I am not a Christian, but as an ...
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What is the difference between commandments, testimonies, statutes, precepts, judgements, and law?

Reading Psalms 119, we see the following words: Commandments Law Way Testimonies Precepts Judgments Statutes Ordinances Word Deut 26: 16 - 19 reads 16 “This day the Lord your God commands you to ...
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Why are LDS covenants and ordinances 'too sacred' to be discussed outside of the temples? [duplicate]

Why are the covenants and ordinances of the LDS church 'too sacred' to be discussed in detail outside of the temples? I'm not aware of other Christian groups with such a secretive perspective on their ...
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