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The Omnibenevolence of God

Does the Bible contain an unambiguous statement that God is All-Good? (Note: I am not questioning whether God is All-Good or not, nor how we can indirectly infer God is All-God. I am not asking ...
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According to the Catholic Church, if God is just and loving why is Nature so needlessly brutal and cruel sometimes?

This question was brought about after reading a quote from Charles Darwin saying he couldn't believe in a benevolent creator due to the existence of parasitic wasps (which paralyze insects so that ...
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How do molinists justify a world where not everyone freely chooses salvation?

Assuming not all humans on earth will become Christians. Many have lived and died that have not. The Bible is clear that many will fall away and perish. If Molinism is true, Then either: A. There ...
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Matthew 26:24, is God Omnibenevolent? [duplicate]

I'm really interested about Matthew 26:24 in which Jesus said that The Son of Man will go just as it is written about him. But woe to that man who betrays the Son of Man! It would be better for ...
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What is the meaning of God's omni-powers?

It is a common understanding among Christians I know that God has these four attributes: Omnipresence Omniscience Omnipotence Omnibenevolence A grammatical interpretation would explain them as ...
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How do Wesleyan theologians define omnibenevolence?

The term omnibenevolance is not used in my quarter of Protestantism, and after reading the Wikipedia article it is entirely unclear to me what the term means and how it relates to the God of ...
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